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Features that change the way you business

Discover a suite of features designed to streamline your business operations and enhance customer interactions.

Easy payment methods

Payment Solutions at Your Fingertips

Generate QR codes for onsite payment

Create and share payment requests

Easily track orders

Seamless Scheduling

Efficient Appointment Management

Quickly preview and schedule appointments

Receive in app or/and email notifications

Manage your schedule in one place

Effortless sharing

Website Creation Made Effortless

Create a personalised website with a custom template.

Extend your brand for a professional look

Define payment methods for seamless transactions.

More features

Customer Management

Easily add, edit, and find customers.

Service Management

Add, display, and modify services.

Product Management

Introduce, display, and modify products.

Communication Setup

Send automated emails to your clients.

Analytics Dashboard

Visualise sales and track orders.

Navigation Hub

Access different features and edit profile.

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