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Who We Serve

XIVA serves those small and micro businesses that work tireless day in day out servicing all our needs.
From painter decorators and window cleaners to builders, plumbers and electricians. XIVA helps them run and grow their businesses so they, in turn, can help others.

Manage your business on the go

Small and micro businesses struggle finding the time to manage their admin, finances and communications let alone promote and grow their business.

Xiva does all this work for them allowing them to get on with what they do best.

Launch Club

XIVA is driven by you for you!

It will be in constant development to continuously improve and grow your business. We thrive on feedback to do this.

If you can help us to help you, you will be enrolled in the XIVA launch club and receive exclusive benefits. To do so simply complete the 2-3 min survey and we'll do the rest. Your contact details won't be used for anything other than notifying you when XIVA is ready for launch.

Launch club benefits include:
  • 1-2-1 assistance
  • Early bird access to new functionality
  • Subscription FREE for life
  • First access to the XIVA marketplace on launch