About Xiva

Transforming Businesses Together

With Xiva, you don't need to reinvent the wheel of your business; simply change the tires for a smooth drive toward your dreams.

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Xiva in a nutshell

Xiva is your business companion, simplifying operations and ensuring timely payments.

Our goal is to power up your business with a digital toolkit that works anywhere you do.

Xiva is rooted in simplicity, customer focus, community, and innovation.


Meet Our Team

Passionate about helping small businesses succeed and grow.

Roman Loban
Matt Yudin
Managing Director
Kamal Sapra
Business Development
Martha Kavanagh
Reporting and Client Funds
Vineetha Suresh
Project Management
Miles Owens
Growth and Partnerships
Sarah Yammine
Strategy and Research
Mahmoud Rasmi
Yuliia Shunkova
UX/UI Designer
Piyush Sharma
Fraud Analyst

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